Terrorism is the crime against humanity and affects to every human of the world. Bangladesh isn’t exception and also faces the same problems. But Bangladesh has taken the challenge to counter and prevent the terrorism and violent extremism with the cooperation and assistance of global communities.  In addition, for strengthening the anti-terrorism countering capacity, the government of Bangladesh enacted a new law in 2017. To fulfill the purposes of the law, Anti- Terrorism Unit has been raised as the lead agency to deal with radicalization, extremism and violent extremism issues in Bangladesh.

From the very outset, Bangladesh government has declared “Zero Tolerance” policy towards the terrorism. Likewise, ATU is committed to strive for a full-fledged proactive dedicated, responsive and professional police unit to combat terrorism, extremism and violence. ATU has been assigned with the whole country wide jurisdiction to combat militancy and terrorism and is also assigned with combating cyber crimes, terror financing and creating mass awareness against terrorism, violent extremism and radicalization. This unit is a modern technology based and intelligence led independent and self- sustained organization controlled by the government and under general supervision of the Inspector General of Bangladesh police.

The leadership of ATU lies with an Addl. Inspector General of Bangladesh Police as the chief of the unit. ATU consists of nine Major wings and is operating fully to its current capacity. The unit is equipped with advanced technology and equipment to prevent and counter the terrors and radicals and their organizations, and contributing to maintain the law and order to make the country a safer place for all to live in.

Thus, ATU has been taken different types of approaches to achieve the goals. For soft approach, the leading unit introduced motivational and de-radicalization program throughout the country by arranging meeting, seminar, symposium. In these programes different people from different walks of the community take part. On the other hand, to prevent and eradicate terrorism from Bangladesh the self-sustained specialized unit is loyal and committed to its motto.

The people of this country have always been the driving force against every crisis this nation has ever faced. With the help and assistance of people, ATU is committed to eradicate all types of  extremist and terrorist activities in the country.