Message from Addl. IGP, ATU

I feel absolutely privileged to have the opportunity to welcome all to the Anti Terrorism Unit homepage. The ATU enters the 3rd year of its journey as an organization with resources, logistics, vehicles and specialized skilled manpower scarcity.

The journey of Anti-Terrorism Unit started from 19th September, 2017 with the approval of the government as Anti-Terrorism Unit. Following the gruesome Holy Artisan Bakery Attack on 1st July, 2016, ATU was created as the apex body for Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism.

During this short period of journey, we in ATU have to manage with the challenges of building a new institution, especially starting with no office-building and police lines. The small group of officers in ATU has worked under many constraints, but I am proud to say, with exceptional merit and duty, we have made considerable efforts to improve the quality and manpower by imparting required rigorous in-service training to our officers and men in home and abroad. For this purpose Training Wing has been caused more active and dynamic. We are, now, confident to say, we are capable to counter terrorism and violent extremism.

ATU plays the role of the National Anti-Terrorism Law Enforcement Agency to conduct operations for countering terrorism and extremism depending on its own intelligence and other sources, de-radicalization, enquiry and investigation on terrorism related cases, arresting terrorists, ATU is also to co-ordinate with other stakeholders and agencies associated with countering terrorism. Fight of ATU against terrorism is based on partnerships among all levels of government, communities and the private sector. Our efforts are focused on:

  1. disrupting terrorist activity within Bangladesh;
  2. ensuring an effective response to and recovery from any terrorist incidents;
  3. reducing the lure of violent extremism ideologies;
  4. stopping Bangladeshis from using violence to express their views;
  5. contributing to global counter-terrorism efforts.

ATU has successfully conducted several anti-militancy drives and are able to successfully conduct any anti-terrorism operation. Our capacity of collecting intelligence has been strengthened. Alongside modern technology, hardware and software, officials’ knowledge on militancy or terrorism has been also increased through training and sharing information with other stakeholders. We have arranged seminars, workshops in different private universities with the presence of young students of madrasas, schools, and universities of different ages with a view to eradicating radicalization as we know youths are the targets for recruitment by terrorists.

De-radicalization is not only an issue for law enforcers. Different stakeholders have important roles to play. Educational institutions, religious scholars, imams, community people, politicians and media have also their own roles. People who are being radicalized need to be identified and de-radicalized; families have the prime responsibility to intervene along with rehabilitation of the radicalized.

We do respect the fundamental rights of our citizens and foreigners. In our activities we also respect the human rights of the citizens of Bangladesh, but they also have the responsibilities to our beloved country. One important thing is to remember- the people of this country have always been the driving force against every crisis this nation has ever faced and this time is no exception. With the help and support of people, we will be able to diminish all the extremist and terrorist activities to zero which we are committed to do.

We may be, now, new and small law enforcement organization in the country, but we have made our contribution to maintenance of security and order relentlessly and continuously, and have been able to build ATU into an organization which nurtures and values excellence to counter terrorism and violent extremism.

We do solicit all out co-operation and support from all concerned, to achieve our goals. We also need feedback and suggestions from all. I once again thank for visiting the website of ATU.