(a) To investigate such alleged cases against individuals or entities involved in extremism, terrorism, terrorist activities, and financing such acts;

(b) Play an effective role in preventing terrorist acts by undertaking counter-radicalization and other activities, including de-radicalization;

(c) Take necessary measures to prepare and implement plans for Countering Violent Extremism and Preventing Violent Extremism;

(d) To collect intelligence on extremism and terrorist activities, to take effective measures for detaining criminals, including technical intelligence surveillance on terrorists and terrorists with the help of authorities or agencies empowered under existing laws and regulations, and to prevent their activities;

(e) Conduct Crisis Negotiations activities to deal with hostage crisis;

(f) Exchange information with relevant national and international organizations as directed by the Inspector General of Police for combating the threat of extremism and terrorism and its possible remedy;

(g) Conduct research activities on the cause and remedy of extremism and terrorist activities;

(h) Submitting annual reports to the government before reviewing the risks posed by the terrorist by collecting, analyzing, and formatting necessary information to counter terrorist activities and, if applicable, from time to time, special reports; and

(i) To take necessary and necessary measures to prevent, prevent and cure terrorist acts to fulfill the purpose of the Anti-Terrorism Act.